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The grounding energy of a tree.....

Often when I create a piece of art, I have in mind a feeling or type of energy I want to convey. With this piece I was thinking about how wonderful the grounding energy of a tree is. Sometimes a tree feels masculine and other times it feels very feminine. I just love how healing nature is. It can sooth the soul, inspire and help with reflection.

When I created this piece, I wanted to use colors and movement to really draw the viewer into the feminine energy of this tree. Her colors are soft and flowing. She has a distinct mother earth vibe to her. She is there to protect, to nurture, to give unconditional love and positive vibes. Our mission, is just to connect to her. When out walking, take time to embrace the trees around you. Perhaps send them love or greet them. Even talking or hugging them is very welcomed by our great nature guardians. We all are on this plant with one goal LOVE. With love for the planet, love for everyone and everything, this world could be healed beyond our wildest dreams.

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