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My Story

Hi! I'm Sommer Rayn, an artist from Baltimore, MD. When I'm not in my art studio painting my joyful art, you can usually find me walking on various nature trails, hiking, visiting parks, and strolling through the downtown areas of the city.  I love to photograph the beauty around me and use my photos as inspiration for my work. 

I love to combine mediums in my drawings, especially with my highly detailed whimsical characters.  I use a gentle watercolor wash for the background and then layer the piece with soft undertones for my colored pencils. It's always a joy to watch my characters come to life! I create my paintings with acrylics.   I just get lost in the moment, and at times I surprise myself with the outcome. I adore all aspects of art.  

I believe my art represents the joy I feel daily. My art is like my meditation, and I could immerse myself in it all day long; however, I do have a family and several kitties that require my attention.

0741b White Rabbit I'm late_edited.jpg
0730a Queen Sassy-002_edited.jpg
All of my characters are created with love

I sell my art on various platforms.  Click on the links below.

For Merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, and more; 

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My books are on Amazon:  Shop Amazon

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Every single character bubbles from my heart, to my head, then to my hand and on paper..  They are all unique and have such a joyful presence. I am so happy to be able to share them with you.

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