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Putting time and detail into an art piece

This project has taken me hours and hours and I'm only half way done. I just love the process and watching the picture just pop off the canvas. I wanted to dedicate a lot of my time to this piece as I feel the detail deserves my attention. I love to create textures, colors and shadows. I want people to look upon my art at times and just feel like they are looking at a photo but with richer details and feelings.

I found the inspiration on a copyright free photo website. My eyes were drawn to the details on the cowboys jeans and the folds and stripes on his shirt. The horse is such a lovely color and I can't wait to start on him.

Here is my progress so far and I'm very pleased to be taking my time and making this piece just pop off the paper.

What do you think? Do you prefer detailed art that looks real? Whimsical art that makes you smile? Colorful art that feels alive? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what makes your heart happy.

For me, I really enjoy creating detailed pieces, however my quirky characters are very much embedded in a part of my heart. If the mood strikes me, I really enjoy painting with lots of color and shadows. Honestly, I would have to say as long as it's art, I'm thrilled to be creating it. When it comes to my favorite artists, I tend to love all kinds of style as I feel a persons art is like a glimpse into their soul. They are sharing that inner most part of their mind intermingled with their heart. It's a beautiful thing to connect with others through art.

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Detailed art and whimsical but I like whatever suits my fancy. I'm always glad I found you and hope when I send someone one of your cards that they will love it and discover you!♥️

Gefällt mir
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