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Welcome to Quirkyopolis! Come visit the capital city of Quirky Island.


Quirkyopolis is filled with so many wonderful residents. They would love to have you stop by so they could show you around. Meet Whitney, the milkman delivery kitty. She delivers milk, from Meowy Farms, around the town. In this book you will meet Benjamin the postmaster, Darcy the umbrella shop owner and many more.


Quirkyopolis is a town that loves and accepts all. They would love to meet you and perhaps make you smile.


Book details:  This book is 8.5" x 8.5", it is a soft cover books with approximately 29 pages.   It has bright cheerful colors with large text for easy reading.  Great for ages 5 -11. 

Questions? Feel free to message me, I'll be happy to help.

Quirkyopolis Book, written & illustrated by Sommer Rayn

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