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This art piece I created as a personal healing journey of my own.  I wanted to include animals as they are very important to me.  The fire pit represents a place you burn emotions from the past that no longer serve you.  The quartz crystals are clearing and energized to change the negative to a positive.  The purple flame transmutes the bad into good by releasing it into the universe.  The two trees are my favorite, a weeping willow and a mighty oak (one that I have named Herman that I visit often.)   There are many symbols in this piece and I hope it helps others feel peace and perhaps heal too. 

The prints are printed on high-quality, heavyweight card stock paper, sometimes the paper will be a linen-textured blend.  They will NOT have my watermark on them.


Cards come with a colorful border around the art and the regular prints do not.  The cards are folded and blank inside,  for you to personalize them as you wish.  They also come with color coordinating envelopes (or maybe white depending on the art). The size of the notecards is approximately 5.25" x 4.25" and the greeting card size is approximately 8.5" x 5.5".  


Please note, the envelope in the photo may not be the color you will receive. I selected the best matching color for each piece of art. A pack of 5 notecards will all be the same color envelopes.


They will be placed in a cellophane bag with cardboard (for prints) to ensure safe shipping.


Healing in forest, animals, crystals and love, Item #1107a

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