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This water color was designed by the artist Sommer Rayn.  This tree was created for my sister who is fighting her battle with Cancer.   I wanted to explain the meaning behind this piece, so every purchase will receive a small print out of this:

" The Cancer Healing Tree, by artist Sommer Rayn.

I wanted to explain the meaning behind this art piece.   Cancer is a word none of us want to hear.  The minute the words are told to you, a million and one thoughts run through your head.   This wise, old healing soul of a tree, was created to help bring comfort to those who are facing their battle with cancer and also for their families.

The tree is wise with his gentle eyes.  He is watching over you protectively.   He has so many of colorful cancer ribbons on his branches, he knows how important each type of cancer is.  He gives comfort to you so that you can win this battle and be a ray of hope for those that are just starting their journey.   
The clocks hanging from his branches signify time.  So many moments in our life, we wish away the time, especially when we face something difficult.  (How long will my treatments last?  How long before I see improvement?  How long do I have?  How many years have you been in remission?)  Time is very important to a cancer patient and it takes on a whole new meaning.   

The keys on the tree symbolize unlocking the mystery of this disease and someday finding a cure. 
The leaves on the trees are the gentle color of purple.  The color purple is linked to spirituality and to the Angelic realms.  This again, is to provide hope for healing and recovery.   

The pool of water in front of the tree is made of tears.   Notice the hearts in the water?  They are there to let you know, as a cancer patient/survivor, you are LOVED by so many and the tears that are shed while on this journey are filled with love and hope of a cure.

This tree is dedicated to ALL of the people affected by cancer, including family members.   May you gaze into his eyes and feel a bit of comfort knowing everyone is cheering for you, sending you healing and hope and above all…. YOU ARE LOVED. 


The prints are printed on high-quality, heavyweight card stock paper, sometimes the paper will be a linen-textured blend.  They will NOT have my watermark on them.


Cards come with a colorful border around the art and the regular prints do not.  The cards are folded and blank inside,  for you to personalize them as you wish.  They also come with color coordinating envelopes (or maybe white depending on the art).


Please note, the envelope in the photo may not be the color you will receive.  I selected the best matching color for each piece of art.   A pack of 5 notecards will all be the same color envelopes. 


The size of the notecards is approximately 5.25" x 4.25" and the greeting card size is approximately 8.5" x 5.5".  


They will be placed in a cellophane bag with cardboard (for prints) to ensure safe shipping.


Cancer Healing Tree, Hope for those dealing with this disease, Item #0710

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