Would you like a special portrait of your fur baby?  Perhaps a Rainbow Pet Portrait to remember your beloved pet?  Read the details below and see if I'm a right fit for you.

Commissioned portraits are difficult for me, as I must feel a heart connection to your pet.  My art is from the heart, it's connected to my soul.   If I can't "feel" you pet, I will not be able to create a portrait for you.  I could draw one, but it wouldn't have that spark or happy essence that comes from within. 


First, I would need you to send me picture of the pet you'd like me to draw and tell me what you have in mind. The photo of your pet must be clear and a good head shot.  Several photos would really help me create a better quality portrait.  Do you want a garden type scene? A whimsical type scene? A holiday theme for a Christmas card?  An angel, heaven or rainbow bridge scene?  Just let me know what it is you have in mind.   Then I would need you to tell me the size you are interested in 5 x7", 8 x 10" or 11 x 14".   I will look at what you are asking and then tell you if I can create it or not.




I will then review your request and tell you if I feel I can create one for you.  If it is accepted, I require 1/2 of the custom portrait amount paid prior to starting the portrait and the remaining 1/2 upon completion. (Links are on this page.)  Please do not purchase a portrait unless I have accepted it.   Time frame that you can expect is approximately 1 to 2 weeks.  The portrait will be created in various mediums, it might be watercolors, acrylics or even colored pencils.  It just depends on the way I choose to create it. 

The cost of the custom commissioned portrait are:  

5  x 7"     Custom Portrait   45.00

8  x 10"   Custom Portrait   60.00

11x 14"   Custom Portrait   75.00

Once the portrait is completed, I will email you a scanned version of your portrait.  Upon your approval, I will then request you make your final payment. If it doesn't meet your approval, you do not have to pay the rest, but I keep the initial deposit for the work and time I put into creating the portrait for you.  I will try my best to communicate while creating it so we both are thrilled with the outcome, however - just in case something is off, I needed to explain this to you.   Once final payment is received, I will mail the custom portrait to you.  Next, I will upload the image to my "Pet Portraits" section on my website.  It will be there for you in the future if you would like to order cards or prints of your custom portrait. 


Please note, although the portrait is of your pet, the art is owned by me.  I retain all rights to the publication and distribution of my art, even on commissioned portraits.  You will own the original piece of art, but you are not allowed to copy, print, distribute in any form without my written permission.