Sommer Rayn

Artist and Children's book Author/Illustrator

About me

I am a self-taught artist. I have a tremendous love for animals and nature. I've taken several art classes at various colleges across the United States, such as Weber State University located in Utah, Asheboro Community College in North Carolina, and Bakersfield Community College in California. I have a strong connection to the cat community and have donated many pieces of art to help charities.My favorite medium to work with is colored pencils. I also enjoy creating with acrylics and watercolors.

Whimsical Art

I have a wild imagination and love incorporating it into my art. I enjoy making whimsical characters out of animals. I have a children's book series called "Quirky Island" based on these animals.

Shadow Kitties

My sweet Shadow Kitties art pieces are a favorite among cat lovers. They also appear in many of my children's books. I love the magical and playful feeling these cats that I create evoke.

Pet Portraits

Often, I enjoy creating realistic pictures of various animals. I have created pet portraits for clients and the results are well loved.

Children's Books

My children's books are fun, innocent, and whimsical. I have several different series.My Enchanted Earth series features stories about unconditional love and acceptance.Shadow Kitties, celebrates the playfulness of cats and their many adventures.Quirky Island, is all about whimsical animal characters living in various settings. They are accepted for just being themselves even if they seem a bit unique. Every animal on Quirky Island loves everyone just as they are.My books are available on Amazon, just click on the button below.

Merchandise, Cards and Prints

If you would like to purchase my art, I have several websites that sell my designs. A couple of the sites are listed below. Just click on the link to start shopping.

Acrylic Paintings

Sometimes I love to dabble in painting. My medium of choice is acrylics and it's a fun, relaxed style versus the realism of my colored pencil works. If you see a particular piece of artwork you like and you want an original contact me for further information

Free Spirit Art Studio

My art studio is where all the magic begins. I have a website dedicated to showing you how my designs come to furition. I wanted to have a speical space that I could share my inspiration, my thoughts, and more. This website sells my most recent works, my personal favorites and photography.Click on the link below to visit my art studio.

My art studio assistant, Cinnamini

I adopted Cinnamini from an animal shelter in North Carolina. She loves to hang out in my art studio and enjoys knocking pencils off my art desk.

Coffee Donations

Coffee is the fuel that keeps my creativity flowing. If you like my art and want to support my creative endeavors, just click on the button below to donate 5.00 to me for a cup of coffee. Donations are made via Payal. Click the button below to donate.

Questions? Need more information?

If you have questions, comments or feedback , please, feel free to email me. Click on the icons below to follow me on various social media platforms. Thanks!

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